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Hi there. I’m Tyler and I’ve been working as a software engineer doing web development, specifically front-end, for over ten years. I’ve always been in favor of sharing information and knowledge freely via open-source code.

When I first published Cutestrap back in May of 2016, it was mostly something I made for myself. I’ve always published the tools (or toys) I’ve built, but Cutestrap took off a little bit. I found out about Hacker News because someone posted Cutestrap there and then it got almost 1k stars on GitHub in one day.

I was somewhat mortified, honestly. It was like inviting a couple close friends over for a BBQ, but then everyone in town crashes the party and you totally didn’t clean the house.


I felt like I could do better than the, one step above normalize and two steps below Bootstrap, project that I gave you. The reason I simultaneously put so much and so little effort into that landing page was because of the pun.

Long story short, I knew I could do better and that you deserve better from me. To anyone that opened up PRs, issues, sent me emails, I’m sorry. I appreciate you, but I was honestly super overwhelmed and just kinda shut down and focused on my life and my day job.

But I never forgot about you. I’ve been thinking about you for years and what I could make that was practical, yet bleeding edge. Innovative, yet familiar. Complex, but approachable.

I don’t think Cutestrap will be for everyone, but if any of this project resonates with you and you get some value out of it: thank you. I’ve poured countless hours into this project and by the time you read this and I’m just glad you’re here.

What’s next?

At this point, I’m not sure, but I do know that want the people using Cutestrap to tell me what they want. What’s missing? What’s confusing? What keeps you up at night?

Reach out and let’s make the future together.